Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sometimes I am just utterly blown away by God's goodness! He is always's just that I'm not always paying attention to the details as much as I should. This week, I'm looking out and looking up and I can't get over how good He is!!
The weather has been lovely,
the birds have been singing (we watched a huge hawk fly down and land on a branch near us on our walk today),
we are loved by an amazing family,
we have incredible friends,
we have a safe, secure roof over our heads...and the price is right,
we live close to the beach and not far from the mountains,
my husband is employed and actually loves his job,
I get to spend all day, every day with my 3 lovely daughters,
I love my dog.
Like I said, some days I'm just blown away by His goodness in it all....THEN...He goes and one-ups Himself!
Like the old check-in-the-mail surprise trick,
His limitless provision for us....His children,
Miraculous peace in trying times,
the amazing connection/bonding conversations of such tenderness with my girls,
maturity, kindness and joy in the attitudes of those girls,
smart little baby girl....adding new words and phrases to her vocabulary daily,
phone calls at just the right moments,
and let's not overlook the timely Word He's provided from the Good Book!!
I don't know how I'd live this life without my Loving Heavenly Father...I need Him constantly and I'm so in awe of Him!
I'll say it again and again...
What a mighty God we serve!


Trina said...

This makes me realize what a wonderful life we have...the saying "Stop and smell the roses" comes to mind! I was having a tough morning...then I read this and problems are so small...I need to be thankful for what I have! Thanks Kel!
Love you!

gery-riggin said...

ahhhhh :-) and that is why i love you and look up to you even though technically you are shorter :-o and younger :-)