Thursday, November 13, 2008


I'm not normally one to post any news stories, but this one's got me so upset I just can't remain silent! Have you read about Nebraska's Safe Haven Law? This is absolutely horrible! Think of the teenagers, the 10, 11, 12 year olds here who!!! It is deplorable that any mother would abandon a baby in a dumpster and I understand the law was originally passed to offer a safe place for mothers who could not take care of their newborns....but children of all ages being dropped of by parents who are simply "done"?! Oh, I just can't believe it! What a wacked out society we live in! I understand that parents may be frustrated or dealing with very real and serious issues with their children. I just would so much rather see them get help through social workers, counselors, pastors...anyone....rather than blatantly reject their kids in this way. I hope the law changes soon. Like, tomorrow! People are rushing to drop off their kids like it's a going out of business sale at Mervyns since they've heard that the law will soon be changing. Oh, Lord help them! This is sad and infuriates me like you wouldn't believe!!

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gery-riggin said...

friday -- i watched a 20/20 report on this -- it is sad!! apparently some parents were frustrated with the system because they couldn't get help. there is such a sad story in america today of so many who do not have the senses, abilities, teaching ... to take care of kids and do right by them. generations handed down of way to much disfunction. shauna is working in a town full of section 8 that is really difunctional. you can pray she has the strength and wisdom for this work.