Saturday, February 28, 2009

more perfume making at our house

These girls of mine....oh, how I love them. Their favorite thing to do when a friend is over is to create new perfume scents. Today, they were at it again.
First, they collect their ingredients:

Next, a little mashing (and a little posing for the camera)

They let it sit for a few hours (or minutes...depending on their patience level)And....then we have the finished product! Perfume...super adorable in these vintage Strawberry Shortcake spice jars:

A GREAT time was had by all!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

March Blogging

I'm going to attempt to blog every day for the month of March.
We'll see.
I love NaBloPoMo....and here is their theme for March:

The theme for March blogging is GIVING (UP). If you choose to blog on the theme, you can write about what you give to your friends, your job, your world, or yourself every day. That "up" in parentheses gives you the option to also write about things you're throwing out, quitting, recycling, or eliminating from your life right now.

Sounded like an interesting topic and with 31 days....I bet I'll be able to come up with SOMETHING!

Tune is only Feb. I have 2 days to get creative.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

splish splash

The other night, Jacklyn took care of business.
I started filling up the bathtub for her.
I ran out to the kitchen or laundry room for just a minute.
When I was walking back toward the bathroom,
I heard her call out,
"I got it! I got it!"
Hmm....what did she get??
I went into the bathroom to see her....
sitting in the tub, fully clothed.

She DID take her shoes and socks off, though.

What a little nut.
I love her so much.
But, I better not leave her alone for a second!!