Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I lay my requests before Him

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice;

in the morning I lay my requests before you

and wait expectantly.
Psalm 5:3

When I came to the Lord this morning, my heart was full.  It was full of thanks and it was full of the cares of my little life.  I'm so thankful that He hears my voice and that when I lay my requests before Him, I can wait expectantly
Our Loving Father always answers prayer. Always.

My request this morning is for more of Him. He constantly fills me.  I know I would be a mess without Him. I just long for more.  I am so much more content, joyful, peaceful and truly myself when I am in His presence.  This worry?  This stress?  That's not really me.  That's the counterfeit.  The real me is calm and still in His presence. The real me is jumping up and down excited over the miracles He performs.  The big and the small miracles. I love gleaning from His Word and making new life applications of the revelations He has given me.

I delight in the words of Psalm 5:3.  I can wait expectantly as I lay my requests before Him.
The beautiful Ann Voskamp wrote these amazing words that have just stuck with me: "Waiting is just a gift of time in disguise - a time to pray wrapped up in a ribbon of patience - because is the Lord ever late?"

As I seek Him in all decision-making, in homeschooling, in activities, in life.....I can just relax.  I can remember that any waiting I have to do is really a gift.  I am allowed an opportunity to grow in patience and to spend that time....more and more prayer.

Prayer is just talking to my Father. Prayer is more of Him. Constant communion.  What a win-win!