Saturday, December 13, 2008

baby jeesia photo

just had to show a photo about my last post.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

say what?!

There are some things you just never think you'll hear yourself say.
Once they come out of your mouth, you're shocked, just like everyone else.
Well, I've got a good one for you.
We have a little magnetic nativity on our fridge.
It has small-ish pieces, but no choking hazards for our 1 year old.
She loves playing with it, especially with baby Jesus
(whom she calls "Baby Jeesia" for some reason.)
Yesterday, she was full of sass!
She was caught doing all sorts of semi-naughty things all day.
Well, in the evening, she and I were in the kitchen.
She was playing with the nativity magnets and I was doing dishes.
Suddenly, she got the idea to throw the magnets all around the kitchen...
especially baby Jesus.
One got stuck under the fridge and was hard to get out.
I laid down the law and told her she could play with them, but not to throw them.
She looked right at me and threw baby Jesus.
"Oh no you didn't!" was my response.
I gave her another chance.
And probably a few more....too many.
Finally, she sat in time out for being disobedient.
When we came back into the kitchen, after time out,
I said, "Okay, you can play but NO MORE THROWING BABY JESUS!"
That just makes me laugh to hear it out loud.
priceless parenting moment.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


This was a wonderful writing prompt that my 4th grade teacher husband had for his class. I can't tell you how hilarious some of the questions were! We had a good laugh at some of them (like Mary, did you have hair extensions? and Wise Men, were you really wise? How much were your gifts worth? oh, and...Mary, did you have a little lamb?)but, also enjoyed some of the thought-provoking questions as well. I did this with my girls, too. If you decide to do this little writing...let me know. It's fun to see what questions there are. Here's the assignment:

*Imagine that you have been given the chance to interview one or more of the major characters of the Christmas Story. What sort of things might you ask? Write your interview questions with Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men, the Inn Keeper, the Angel and/or others.*

This could very well be a new tradition we start in our home. Dating and saving these for years to come will be a fun memory!

If I could ask Mary any question I'd want to know if she was nervous about mothering the Son of God? I think there is so much pressure in this day and age to raise godly children. Can you even think of how Mary must've felt? Maybe I'm projecting too much here. Surely, she knew that the Holy Spirit started this thing...maybe she had the faith to believe that God would see her through all the parenting years as well.

Enjoy this writing prompt....either yourself or with your kids!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

my extra cash

I am so excited to share with you how I made a little extra cash today!! I have tons of books at home. I'm sure most people have books on hand that they really don't read or need. (Especially homeschool moms!!) I went to Amazon and posted a few books for sale. I did this about 2 weeks ago.
Today, in my inbox, there was an email from Amazon telling me that I can expect a $15deposit into my bank account within 3-5 business days. Yay! That's awesome....especially during these hard economic times...and during the holidays! I was thrilled.
So, go clean out your bookshelves. See if you have something that you're willing to sell and get on Amazon! What a fun way to make a little extra cash!!

Need some step by step help?
Go to and type the name of your book in the search. When your book comes up, you'll notice on the right hand side of the screen it says, "More Buying Choices...have one to sell? Sell yours here." Click on that little button and they just walk you right on through it. Happy Selling!!