Wednesday, December 10, 2008

say what?!

There are some things you just never think you'll hear yourself say.
Once they come out of your mouth, you're shocked, just like everyone else.
Well, I've got a good one for you.
We have a little magnetic nativity on our fridge.
It has small-ish pieces, but no choking hazards for our 1 year old.
She loves playing with it, especially with baby Jesus
(whom she calls "Baby Jeesia" for some reason.)
Yesterday, she was full of sass!
She was caught doing all sorts of semi-naughty things all day.
Well, in the evening, she and I were in the kitchen.
She was playing with the nativity magnets and I was doing dishes.
Suddenly, she got the idea to throw the magnets all around the kitchen...
especially baby Jesus.
One got stuck under the fridge and was hard to get out.
I laid down the law and told her she could play with them, but not to throw them.
She looked right at me and threw baby Jesus.
"Oh no you didn't!" was my response.
I gave her another chance.
And probably a few more....too many.
Finally, she sat in time out for being disobedient.
When we came back into the kitchen, after time out,
I said, "Okay, you can play but NO MORE THROWING BABY JESUS!"
That just makes me laugh to hear it out loud.
priceless parenting moment.

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Trina said...

lol....yeah not a good idea to throw baby Jesus! lol!! I love the story..and I kinda love that Jack is sassy ;)