Tuesday, February 10, 2009

splish splash

The other night, Jacklyn took care of business.
I started filling up the bathtub for her.
I ran out to the kitchen or laundry room for just a minute.
When I was walking back toward the bathroom,
I heard her call out,
"I got it! I got it!"
Hmm....what did she get??
I went into the bathroom to see her....
sitting in the tub, fully clothed.

She DID take her shoes and socks off, though.

What a little nut.
I love her so much.
But, I better not leave her alone for a second!!


jenny said...

so so cute!

Trina said...

hahahahahaha!! They are the best arent they! Soaking wet clothes and all! I love her!

mspore said...

What a cutie! I love taking baths in clothes too. Ha ha.