Sunday, January 25, 2009

Etch A Sketch

This morning, I was consumed.
Not in a good way.
I was thinking about sin.
I was thinking about selfishness.
I was thinking about me.
I couldn't move on in my thoughts.
I prayed and told God how I wanted more.
I wanted to see more of Him in my life.
But...I was consumed with me.
Why did I make dumb choices in the past?
Why did I allow insecurity to be my guide?
How could I erase "history" and never look back?
I was sick of having my default always
go to self-centered crap.
Hey...God knows my thoughts anyway...
I guess it won't hurt to type it.
Anyway, suddenly I got a picture in my mind.
It was of an Etch A Sketch.
As if God was reminding me
of His love,
of His forgiveness
and His grace.
As far as the east is from the west...
My sins, my selfishness, my stupid self...
Without a trace.
Just like an Etch A Sketch.
You can't ever get the picture back.
He isn't hanging onto all the dumb things I've done.
He forgets.
I need to, too. if that picture in my mind wasn't enough,
my pastor actually said the very same thing
this morning at church!!!
He read Col. 1:21-22 and then said,
"Your sins are erased...
Just like an Etch A Sketch."
I'm not kidding.
Isn't that so cool??


jenny said...

super cool! I love when God does that!

Trina said...

Wow..thats awesome!

gery-riggin said...

that is great -- i love pictures like that. ya know, i was thinking i hate problems but then we wouldn't have all those cool pictures and words from God if we were perfect :-)
when we get to heaven we will have the best picture ever (motion picture) and until then God loves us just the way we are -- and at the same time wants us to move on to better things. therefore he lets us in on a little bit of heaven on earth! isn't it great that he knows we can't help it sometimes so he sent his helper the Holy Spirit!!!