Thursday, November 13, 2008

sick day

Well, my sweet little Jacklyn has a bit of a fever today. She's had a runny nose this week, but was in a great mood and actually doing a LITTLE better with the sleeping at night. This morning, however, she was feeling crummy. She wanted to sit on the couch to watch her movie (Cedarmont Kids) and when I went to check on her just 5 minutes later, this is what I found.

Poor little punkin! I ended up scooping her up, wearing her in a front pack and going with Kourtney and Maggie to walk their little doggie friend. Oh, responsibilities! Such good girls they are, though. I'm glad they didn't shirk just because Mommy wanted to stay home with little sweetie pie. She actually stayed asleep in the front pack for about 35 minutes! We came home, ate lunch and played a bit and then she went down for her normal nap. She needs the extra rest and I'm sure she'll feel better soon. Funny, though. Even though this is kid #3 for me, I wondered if I should take her in to the doctor or not. Could it be an ear infection? Perhaps it's just a cold....with a fever. There's always teething. Ug! ALWAYS teething!! She's getting a couple new ones, I believe. Anyway, for today, we didn't go to the doctor. I'm trusting that she'll just be fine in a couple days.

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Trina said...

Aww...Poor BeBe!! How precious is the picture of her sleeping on the couch! What a trooper she seems to be! (Kinda like her Mommy) =)