Tuesday, November 11, 2008

silly mags

I'm pretty tired tonight. I have a baby literally climbing me as I attempt to post a quick blog. I just want to do one a day for the month (I didn't start on the first) and have already, inadvertently, missed a day.

So...for the quick blog. We had beans and corn bread for dinner last night. Today, we ate leftovers for lunch. As we were eating, Maggie gets this excited look on her face and says, "Do you know what this reminds me of?!"
Curious, I asked her, "What?"
I was expecting some great memory or something profound.
"Last night!" was her answer.

Silly girl. I love her.


gery-riggin said...

:-) gotta love that girl!!
i could just come right now and roll in the sand with her!!

jenny said...

I could come and roll in the beans and corn bread... sounds yummy!