Friday, November 21, 2008

sleep status update

Hmm...well, maybe a little too good to be true with my last post. She woke up again an hour after I put her down. She cried out for me in her room, but I sent in Daddy! Jeff was in and out of there a couple times and she would cry and stop crying. It took about a half hour. She was out by 10:00pm. She didn't sleep through the night but she did only wake up once. She was up from 2:15 to 2:45. Not too bad for this girl. I know I'm giving way more details than anyone needs...but, that's kinda how I roll. :) Keep up the prayers, please. Tonight could be harder. That's how I seem to remember the nap time thing going. Day 2 was the worst.

I'll keep you posted.
You know I will.

1 comment:

gery-riggin said...

i'll be praying!!! she must love life too much and needs to be awake and in the know -- hmmmmm -- just like her mommy :-) that's why we love you girls!