Friday, March 6, 2009

gimme some skin

So, yesterday, Maggie was putting her laundry away.
Not a task she ever enjoys.
She normally sighs, slumps her shoulders and tries not to complain too much.
(so that I won't lecture her, I'm sure.)
But, not yesterday.
She was cheerfully putting away her laundry.
I was in her room, putting away Jacklyn's.
Then, she stopped and said,
"Mommy, thank you for folding all of these."
I just about croaked!
I guess I looked just as surprised as I felt.
Really, have you ever known me NOT to be an open book with my emotions?
I said, "Wow, Mags, your welcome. Thanks for thanking me!"
Then, she said, "Well, you DO do pretty much all of the work around here."
To that, I just marched right up to her and said,
"Gimme some skin, girl!"
Gotta love that kid!!

*and you gotta love that "give" post for the March theme, eh?

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MichelleMarie said...

Love it when they take notice! And yes, I love it that you chose this as your GIVE topic for the day! You make me smile! :)