Sunday, March 8, 2009

a gift

Wow! Listening to Paul Young, author of The Shack was incredible!
ONE of the many nuggets of truth that I took home was about grace.
He talked about living in the grace for each day.
THAT is the grace God has given us.
So, again, I got the message.
Do not worry about tomorrow (or the next day or even the next hour.)
God has given us the grace to get through this moment.
That's all we've got.
This moment.
I can worry with the best of 'em.
However, it won't do me a drop of good.
God is so in control.
He's got each thing mapped out and
He doesn't need my help or my concern.
I take such comfort in that grace.
Grace = Rest

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MichelleMarie said...

I've been meaning to call you and ask about how it went that night. I would have loved to come listen to him speak (Mark too!) So glad that you are hearing this message over and over and letting it sink in! LOVE YOU (let that sink in too!)