Monday, May 19, 2008

why ben & jerry, why?

In my freezer, at this very moment, is my new arch enemy. It is the deliciousness known as Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulee ice cream This stuff is so good! Normally, I'm a mint and chip lover pretty exclusively. Thanks to my darling husband, I tasted the goodness that comes in this little pint and now find myself craving it way more often than I should. What kind of guy introduces his wife to something like this?
Half jokingly, I suggested to Jeff that perhaps they lace the stuff with crack cocaine. I can't get enough. Remember the old Lays potato chip slogan about not being able to just eat one? Yeah, try eating just ONE bite of this heavenly concoction. No way. No how.
So I am off to bed now. I will NOT open that freezer door. I will not peel the plastic seal off of the pint (this would be the 3rd this week) and will NOT attempt to just take one bite.
Please, somebody stop me!

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Anonymous said...

I would be your accountability partner but I'm pretty busy eating ice cream right now.