Saturday, May 3, 2008

Oh Gracie!

My doggie, my love....she was very naughty last night. Jeff had to stuff 60+ bags with miniature chocolate candy bars to pass out to neighbors this weekend as one of his CA duties. He left the stuffed bags on the table and I didn't like the way they looked there. We were leaving to go to the mall for a few hours, so I stuck the bags out in the garage. Oops. When we got home and let Gracie in from the garage, she had a very "I've been a bad dog" look on her face. When I went into the garage, I saw that she had eaten the contents, WRAPPERS AND ALL, of about 3-4 bags. Chocolate can kill dogs, that I know. I love my pooch so very much. I was a little mad at her but more mad at me. I couldn't fall asleep last night until after midnight, watching Gracie and making sure she was okay. Maggie, who wants to be a vet (or a fashion designer) when she grows up, decided to give Gracie a check up. From what Maggie and I can both observe, the pooch is in good shape. Oh, and the chocolates are put up high and in the house. Whew!

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Joanne said...

SO funny!!!!!