Sunday, July 27, 2008

we did it!

So, after years of accumulating junk (which, of course, never seems like junk when you're accumulating it!) WE CLEANED OUT OUR DREADED GARAGE!! What an all-day task it was.
Jeff and Maggie were buddies all day. He mentioned something to her about this colossal task being a memory that they'd look back on one day. Man, did she run with that! She was his little sidekick all day. We looked through boxes, sorted through piles and threw away a ton of stuff. Maggie loved hearing Daddy's stories of when he was younger and she was on top of the world all day long.
Kourtney took on the role of babysitter and did such a fantastic job!She is so very nurturing and Jacklyn just loves her to pieces! They built a fort in the house, they played with toys and Kourtney even had Jacklyn almost asleep! While Jacklyn did sleep, Kourtney worked hard at organizing (her specialty) and enjoyed old photos with Mags.
We have fantastic girls and we not only got a huge project checked of the "To Do" list....we had fun doing it! Yippee!!!

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