Thursday, July 3, 2008

perfume palace

I think an addition to the previous blog is in order here!

Look what my girls have been up to the past 3 days. They have been making perfume like crazy. They gather flowers, mash them up in bowls with water in the back yard and kick it up a notch, I've allowed them to bring the concoction inside, boil it on the stove and really bring out the fragrance. They, along with some friends, have decided to start a perfume business....Perfume Palace. The scents in my home have been unbelievable. The fun they have had is fantastic! You should hear some of the names of their perfumes and colognes! We have Purple Garden (a lovely mixture of lilacs and lavender), Poconut (a hearty blend of pine needles, pine cones mashed up, and coconut), and today...this just in, is Cinnanut (you guessed it....basically Poconut with a hint of lemon pepper (?) and cinnamon.)

Oh the stinks they can stink! :) I mean the great things they can come up with. I love it.


jenny said...

hmmm.. .am I wishing I could smell through the computer, or glad I can't? I can't decide. Either way, I'm glad they're having fun! =)

For the Life of Me . . . said...

Soo glad to have inspired such industry. I wonder how your locale has effected your fragrances compared to ours . . .

Cavanaugh Family said...

Hi Kelly ~ thanks for looking at our blog. Yes, we are busy as I am sure you know with three little ones. I love the blog. The perfume idea is great. If it keeps them entertained and having fun then do it. The house will always be there with all of its laundry, dishes, and messes. You are storing up treasures in heaven!

Take care & God Bless,

MichelleMarie said...

When we recently came home from our camping trip, Josh walked in the house, took a deep breath and said, "I love the smell of our own home!" Then he paused and said, "But Auntie Kelly's house smells the best!"
Hmm....I wonder what he would say now?