Thursday, January 7, 2010

my funny memories

My daughters always like me to tell them funny stories of things they did or said when they were little. It's fun to recall the moments and my girls get a good chuckle. I thought I'd post a couple on here that we've recently discussed.
My now ALMOST 12 year old....was just as sensitive as they come!
Before having her, I worked as a preschool teacher.
I was so excited when she turned about 2 or 2 and a half. I thought about how great it would be to sit and have "circle time" and sing fun songs together.
One day, I started singing, "On Top of Spaghetti."
BIG mistake.
She was fine at first, "On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese." But, it took a turn for the worse when, "I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed."
Crying began at, "It rolled off the table and onto the floor."
And full on sobbing when, "....and then my poor meatball rolled right out the door."
You can only imagine how hard it was for me, after overcoming my shock at her tears, not to burst out laughing! Poor kid really felt sorry for that poor meatball!!
We never did get to finish the song.
Probably for the has a pretty sad ending.
Remember, it rolls "into the garden and under a bush....and then my poor meatball was nothing but mush."
I'm positive she could NOT have handled that!
What a tender little heart that girl had!
She still does....but, living with her sarcastic, joking parents....she's toughened up a little.
Next, we have one of our classic Maggie stories.
Oh Miss Maggie Pie! Such a lovely almost 10-year-old.
She was the easiest baby I ever had!
And then she turned 2!
She looked like a little angel. Blond, silky hair, great big green eyes....and the most scratchy, gruff voice you ever heard.
What great growth and character development took place in me, thanks to that girl!
One funny memory I have of her was at a time when she was mad.
Not just mad, but furious!
We were in a store and she wanted something (can't remember what)and her daddy said, "No."
That was not cool as far as she was concerned and she was going to let him know, in no uncertain terms, how she felt about it.
She threw a great big fit.
We decided that wasn't going to happen in the store and we left.
The shock of us leaving the store caused her to fall silent for a minute.
Then, in anger, she looked at her daddy and said, "You're a circle head!"
Boy, was she mad!
It took everything in us not to laugh....but instead, to discipline.
Last, but not least is Miss Jacklyn.
Our current 2 year old.
Something about that age, huh?
She keeps us on our toes all the time.
There's not a shy bone in her body.
Just last week, there was this precious older man in the grocery store.
He was a little hunched over, he wore a cowboy hat and some brightly-colored suspenders.
He saw Jacklyn looking at him and his face brightened.
He waved at her and said, "Hi!"
As CLEAR AS DAY, my sweet, charming, friendly little angel said,
"Mommy, he is a funny looking guy!"
I can't even tell you how I reacted.
I don't remember. I just know I was mortified and down another aisle faster than lightning.
I am so happy that I've been blessed with these 3....very unique and very wonderful girls!! They are such a joy!!


Mark said...

Thanks for sharing. I love it!

jenny said...

I love those stories! Those girls are amazing. I've always loved "On top of spaghetti"... do you think she can handle it now? =)

fishfade said...

My favorite is when we had the waitress who was a little person serve us, and Maggie (2ish) said
"You're short!"
The girl looked right back at her, and said,
"I'm taller than you!"
I laughed. You blushed.
Good times.