Monday, May 25, 2009

quick update

It's been awhile, so I thought I'd just do a random update on here.

We had a swim meet this past weekend in Salinas, and BOY did we freeze! The girls did great. The weather was never above 60 degrees and we NEVER saw the sun. Just foggy, overcast skies. These are the kind of days that have been known to really get me down. I'm so grateful for fun friends and lots of activity because (tempting though it was) I never felt blue. I enjoyed watching my girls connect with their swim pals! They had so much fun, even though they were cold. They swam a long course, which is a 50 meter pool as opposed to the 25 yard pool they are accustomed to. It was a bit daunting to look down the lane and see how far they had to swim, but they both did fantastic. Both girls grew a bit in character as well as in experience this weekend and I just love who they are!

Jacklyn has been so busy lately. What almost-two-year-old isn't?! She has been in time outs more than I can count. She has been a monkey, climbing into her crib whenever she pleases (but can't get out, thank goodness!), she's been saying funny things (as usual) and just basically keeping us on our toes. Boy, life would be dull without her. She is such a little delight! Today she's been especially cute. I wonder if it is because she had so much Daddy-time this weekend? She really is a doll and I am so thankful for her!

Welp, I'm gearing up for a busy, my husband and my 14 year anniversary on Wednesday, a trip to Vallejo Thursday for my nieces and nephew's play (Music Man) as well as a wedding to attend on Saturday. Our lives are rich and full and even though I can easily feel overwhelmed, I wouldn't have it any other way. I am so blessed.


Mark said...

congratulations on your anniversary!! blessings to you and jeff. traveling mercies for you and your family on your trip to vallejo. and tell your niece and nephew to "break a leg" from the barrentine clan. love you guys. in christ jesus,

eternity driven said...

thank you Mark! :)