Tuesday, April 21, 2009

product review

I recently purchased the Ped Egg at Target.
Great little $9.99 investment.
My poor feet were looking/feeling sad!
More like sandpaper than appendages.
I must say, that Ped Egg did the trick!
My feet are silky smooth and very happy.
However...just in case $9.99 isn't in your budget,
I'm thinking a fine cheese grater may very well
do the exact same job.
Gross, I know....but, seriously.
Upon close inspection,
that's really what the Ped Egg kind of is.
A little grater.
Hmmmm....I better not let Jeff know this.
He tends to swipe my tweezers out of my make up bag
and use them for all sorts of unsatisfactory purposes.
He is also handy in the kitchen.
And, loves hard cheeses.
So, ladies....buy the Ped Egg.
Or a fine cheese grater.
Sluff away on those heels,
but, for goodness sake,
Don't let it get into the wrong hands
or the kitchen!!


... said...

"Gross, I know....but, seriously."

Hilarious! I actually went out at bought one the day after you told me about!!! You should be getting a commission...though somehow the image of parmesan is a bit unsettling!!!


jenny said...

Oh yes, I'm so with you on this one sister! I love my ped egg! I must not have raved about it to you enough last summer. I'm glad you've discovered it and will have happier feet!