Thursday, April 16, 2009

oh, cleaning!

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with housework that you just don't even know where to begin? That's where I am today. of the constants in my at least somewhat under control. Thank God that my hubby will do a load here and there and lots more than that if I'm away from home. But, the rest is just making me want to run and scream right now.
Today, I had plans to get up, clean the house and enjoy the rest of the day doing whatever we wanted...because it's still Spring Break for us.
Well, I remembered the Hannah Montana movie was in theatres so...I did what any fun Mom would do. Scrapped the housework plans and headed for the flick with my 2 oldest girls.
When we came home, that was it. I was going to focus and get to cleaning. However, my phone rang. It was my darling friend inviting my family to join hers at the beach for some tide pooling fun and snacks. How could I pass that up? I didn't.
I just finished the dishes and remembered that I stripped Maggie's bed this morning. UGH!! I hate when I do that! I never like to change sheets, but I most dislike it at 8:00 at night! Solution? Sleepover in Kourtney's room!!
See, that's just the fun kind of Mom I am.
Cleaning and scrubbing will wait 'til tomorrow!
Or the next day.
You never know how fun I may have to be!!


Anonymous said...

Ah I feel SO MUCH better now that I know the VAST majority of what I have always interpreted as you being the MOST FUN MOM IN THE WORLD was all an elaborate ploy to avoid housework!

Now you are REALLY my hero!!!!


Veronica Lee said...

Hi and welcome to MBC!