Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My sister Michelle inspired me the other day. She pulled out her old Beth Moore Bible Study, Living Beyond Yourself. It was a study she hadn't finished a while ago and she decided to pick up where she left off. Well, wouldn't you know it? It was EXACTLY, I mean really....exactly....what she needed for the moment.

I, too, have done that study. I, too, left some gaps in the book, where I never completed my homework. So, I picked it up the other day and....I bet you can finish my sentence! It was exactly what I needed...and currently need! I was in the love chapter. I had done everything except for day 5. Beth talks about our old friend agape. **Remember my post a while ago on love?....if not, you can find it. I don't remember how to link an old post at the moment....I'll have to figure that out later. (sorry!)** Anyway, she tells us that agape is demonstrative. More than simply saying "I love you." More than mere is in, "And God demonstrated His own love for sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins" (okay, loosely translated, but you get the jist.)

WORDS tend to be a pretty big deal to me. In The Five Love Languages speak, I'm totally a "words of affirmation" girl! Beth's words reminded me, however, that "words" aren't everyone's thing. My husband is totally "acts of service." (Even though he hates to be labeled!) I need to remember that. Maybe I want to write him a note to tell him that I love him. He'd like it, but perhaps making him a lunch for work (and then putting said note in there) would demonstrate my love more clearly to him.

How do you demonstrate love to those around you? I'm sure there are some great ideas out there....from all 3 of you who read this :), please feel free to share. I'm working on being more demonstrative with my love and I need help!


MichelleMarie said...

Right now I have that song going through my mind "Lord, I'm amazed by you..How you love me!"

Mark said...

One way to "demonstrate" love is to prioritize the other's daily routine. Make a big deal out of the mundane. The note in the lunch is a great idea. A cold drink waiting as he comes through the door from work. Is he on his feet all day? Is he a laborer? Rub the body part he engages most during his work. Any and every kind of rub works for me. Foot, back, head, it doesn't matter, just rub something. Paying attention to the details of our lives, and anticipating our routines makes us guys feel important.

Right now I have that song going through my mind "More than words..." by Extreme :-)