Friday, August 22, 2008


Okay, so I've decided to force myself to sit down and blog.
I've set the timer for 10 minutes and we'll see what I come up with.
Jacklyn is awfully cute these days!
She walks like a little drunken sailor and tries to carry things that are far too big for her.
She talks all the time.
Today she wanted to wear a little silver ID bracelet that has her name on it. (Gerry bought it for her at the fair and we planned to save it for when she gets older.) She carried it to me and said, "Don. Wah, bee." Which, of course, translates to, "Down,(meaning, 'down','up' or 'put it on' depending on the moment.) watch, please." So....clearly, she wanted me to put her watch on her please. She's so funny and communicates like crazy.

Kourtney and Maggie started school yesterday. We just did some Missionettes (Stars) work for Bible.....they made sock puppets, wrote a script, including "Kid Talk" song from Bullfrogs and Butterflies, made a stage and performed the puppet show for Jacklyn and I today. We video taped it, so maybe it'll appear on our YouTube account later. I'll let you know. We enjoyed our summer so much. I thought starting school easy would be a great idea. Yesterday took longer than expected, but everyone had a good time in the know, after the tears, headaches and frustrations of just trying to get back in the swing of things.

Jeff is at school today. He's continuing to set up his classroom and do some lesson planning with the other 4th grade teacher. Man, those kids are so lucky to get him as their teacher. He will be so fun and they're bound to learn a ton. Too bad Kourtney and Maggie can't be in his class. I'm not willing to give them up, don't get me wrong, but what a neat opportunity it would be for them!! I'm so proud of Jeff and am happy that he is getting to do what he's been training for over the last 7 years. As far as college goes, we've had one frustration after another. CSUMB is pretty lame in the credentialing department....but, alas, we are in it for the long haul. And I do mean long. Good thing we love it here so much because it could be a while before he is finished. Then....he'll work on getting his Masters. Wow. Can't even think about that one at this point.

I am happy to have some structure to our days....yet have the sad realization that the fun, lazy days of summer are behind us. Living on the Central Coast requires that I have some flexibility, though. If the sun is shining....we've gotta jump on it. Lots of 50-something degree temps this summer. So, if it's 68 or above...we're taking our books (or not) to the beach!!

Wow....the timer beeped and that was easier than I thought. Guess I'll have to do that more often. My goal is to blog at least once a week. Gotta love how I make rules/goals for myself all the time.

Over and out.


jenny said...

Fun to read what you guys are doing. Even more fun to see you all on skype! It makes it feel like we're not so far away. I like your timer idea!

Sharon said...

Hi! I came to your blog via a search for Missionettes. :0D

Are you Assemblies of God, or just using the curiculum? Reason I'm asking is because there is a great blog network for Assembly of God bloggers, and it would be great for you to join.

To check it out you can google "Assembly of God Blogs" or go to

(An Assemblies of God Pastor's Wife in Indiana)