Monday, August 18, 2008


We have had lots of company this summer.
It has been SO good!
We spent lots of time with my sister Jenny and her
family before they moved away to MN. (SO SAD!!)
We had a neighbor or two over for dinner and play dates.
We had a few of the girls' other friends come sleep over.
We most recently entertained Jeff's sister, Jodee, and
her two amazing kids for about 10 days.
What a joy that time with them was!
After that, we had a blast with my sister Michelle,
her husband, Mark, and their 3 kids.
They didn't stay here, but we had fun with them
in Carmel, hanging out at our house and then at the fair.
Gerry came down and went to the fair with us, too.
She stayed the night and we had lots of fun catching up.
Then, Esther stopped by for a little while.
I've gotta house is feeling sort of empty now.
We have loved the company so much.
Whenever Jacklyn wakes up now, she says, "Emy?"
I think she's looking for Emilee McDonald
(though she calls her Emy-Na)
or Emily Colombini.
Reality is now hitting me in the face.
Jenny and her family really did MOVE to Minnesota.
I don't like it. Not one little bit!
I think a full house helped keep my mind from
getting too terribly sad about it.
Thank the Lord for email, for Facebook, for Flickr,
for blogs and definitely for Skype!!
It brings us closer and makes this somewhat bearable.
We love you, Swansons and miss you terribly!
Anyone wanna come crash at the Herrings House?
You are more than welcome.
What a good summer it has been.

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jenny said...

Wait, I have an idea.. instead of people coming to your house, you guys should come hang out HERE!!! We love you and miss you! But you're right.. there are so many ways to keep in touch now. MUCH better than the first time we were here! =)