Saturday, January 29, 2011

always learning

I just love this picture.  It reminds me of my three girls. 
This week, Kourtney has been doing "Big Girl School" with Jacklyn. They're learning about manners.  Close doors quietly, don't run in the house, hang up your clothes...going beyond just the "please and thank you" rules that we've been drilling into our 3 and a half year old since day one. 
Last night, Jacklyn was playing with a few little boys and quickly had them sitting down, doing "circle time" and being quite bossy.
Kourtney looked at me and said, "Oh my.  I will have to be a LOT less bossy when we do Big Girl School."
She saw quickly the power of influence we older ones have on the younger.  (Yikes!)
I, too, have seen that this week.  What do I prioritize?  Not just in my head....but what do they see me prioritize? Computer time?  Or time with them?  Cleaning the house, or playing with my kids?  Constant battle for me.  Of course....I love and prioritize them above all.....but, is that what my actions are telling them?  Oh Kourtney said.  I fear I need to tell them - with my actions - how much more important they are to me than all the other stuff that crowds in.  I have to remember that I am always "homeschooling" my kids, even when we're not at the table doing academics.  What are they learning from me?

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Jen said...

That was so cute how they were playing! I love that Kourtney was able to see her own influence and thought about what behavior she needed to change. What a mature, grown-up girl! I feel the same way you do... I, too, sometimes wonder what messages my actions are sending. "Oh my" for sure! Being a mommy certainly isn't easy, is it?