Thursday, July 30, 2009

creative collaboration

What a great idea!! My sister and her family (husband and 4 children) relocated last year to Minnesota from California. Our hearts were ripped out as 3 sisters and 10 cousins had to say goodbye. After about 6 months in Minnesota, it was clear that things were not working out and they moved back to California. How exciting and how hard...all in the same breath!
They were able to pack up some essential belongings and head back to California in January. However, most of their things are still in storage in Minnesota. Jenny and Joe have come up with a very creative idea to get their stuff back to California. They both paint and will be selling their original art work here for only $40 each. Please take a minute to check out their blog (you can click on the button to the right) and order a painting. These items will be available starting August 1st.

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jenny said...

Thanks for posting this! We appreciate you! (and are so glad to be reunited!)