Thursday, October 4, 2007


Oh, little Jacklyn!

What a precious gift.

She is growing so fast!

I prayed for a third baby for years.

And she is such a blessing.

Rough pregnancy.

Lots of scary moments.

Fear, anxiety, tears.

And at last, she came into this world.

3:11 am, June 27, 2007.

Everything went right.

She was even more wonderful than I had hoped.

We had another bump in the road.

She turned blue and spent 5 days in the NICU.

THAT was scary!

That was also exhausting.

The feedings every 3 hours.

The walks across the hospital.

The fear, the anxiety, the tears.

Finally we were able to bring her home.

What a little punkin'!

She has melted all of us.

She is ridiculously cute.

She smiles, coos and has this funny "cough-laugh".

She is amazing.

And now, my little one is growing so fast!

She spent her first night in her crib last night.

She's been in our room in a bassinet.

But not last night.

Kourtney and Maggie were in the bunk beds.

Jacklyn was right across from them in her crib.

Three little angels, sound asleep.

I think I peeked in at them about 5 times.

I got up so many times during the night.

She never woke up, I just missed her.

The first of many milestones for my baby Jack.

Such a precious gift.

Oh, my heart is so full!

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